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Azad International Clothing (PVT) Ltd. warmly welcomes you to our site. It is a manufacturing & export company located in Pakistan’s industrial hub Faisalabad, also known as the Manchester of Pakistan. The rise of this company epitomise a true success story. The company has shown tremendous growth in just a few years by not only contributing to the industry but also to society. Azad International Clothing (PVT) Ltd. is an integral part of this business community, continuously striving to revolutionize business practices in this region.

We are delighted to present ourselves as one of the reliable and conspicuous makers, exporters, and providers of the best quality apparel clothing across the globe. We are engaged in assembling and sending out premium quality clothing attire and hosiery merchandise to take care of the vast necessities of corporate clients across the globe.

The idea of Azad International Clothing (PVT) Ltd. was perceived by Mr. Akbar Ali (Chairman).

He always had a dream of making products according to customers’ standards. The journey to realize this dream started in 1991. It’s his vision that has succeeded not only in developing an international standard unit but also in assembling the world under one roof.

In this journey, the business began to flourish. Its products were soon finding their way to the markets worldwide. Azad International Clothing (PVT) Ltd’s growth rate remained over 85% during the first decade and is now maintaining its steady growth rate of 15%. Azad International Clothing (PVT) Ltd. is ranked among Pakistan’s top knitted garment companies.

 It is a complete vertical unit with all processes from knitting to packaging, and it employs a centralized system which handles all aspects of operations. We ensure the quickest possible shipment of products in strict compliance with our customer’s specifications. The manufacturing lines and equipment are kept up-to-date to ensure the highest performance standards and reliability and the vast range of fabric finishing operations.

Today, this company with its competencies in production management and state-of-the-art equipment is ready to compete for any challenge anywhere in the world.

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